Types of Window Replacement

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One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to install new windows is energy savings. New windows with low emissivity coatings and double- or triple-paned glass allow sunlight into your home while reflecting heat, saving you money on electricity.

Local window installation pros can help you select the best windows for your style, home and budget. They are also experts in repairing or replacing older windows with improved efficiency.

Single Sliding Windows

These windows have one sash that slides horizontally across the bottom of the window frame. They are a cost-efficient option for many homes, especially in areas that are difficult to reach or require additional ventilation.

When you need to clean your single-slider windows, start by removing the sash from the track on the inside of the window frame. Next, push the top portion of the interior-facing window sash upward until it is in the upper window track. Continue to apply pressure and then push the bottom section of the inner window sash into place on the lower window track until it is securely in place.

Sliding windows allow for a wide view of your yard and offer a stylish aesthetic that complements many architectural styles. They are also easy to operate and offer a more flexible ventilation choice than single or double-hung windows.

Double Sliding Windows

The simple sliding mechanism of these windows eliminates springs and pulleys that can degrade over time. They also tend to be larger than single-sliding windows, providing a more robust pane-to-frame ratio.

Double sliders offer the added benefit of being able to open both window sashes vertically, giving you greater flexibility in ventilation. Additionally, both sashes can tilt in for easy cleaning.

The wider openings of slider windows offer better lines of sight to the yard and street, making them ideal for areas where a clear view is crucial. However, they may not seal as well as casement or awning windows, which can lead to energy loss and mildew growth in the window sill. Also, they can rattle when a large truck drives by or in high winds.

Casement Windows

One window type that can be used to improve the beauty of any home is the casement window. This unique movable window style is hinged on each side with no center stile and offers a full, unobstructed pane of glass. It also provides plenty of ventilation.

They’re easy to open and close with a crank that folds away when not in use, making them perfect for hard-to-reach places like over the kitchen sink. You can even add screens to these windows for a more streamlined look.

Stanek casement windows come in both double and single sash models. You can also choose from functional dividing strips or non-functional muntins to customize your windows. These are the ideal choice if you want to enhance your home’s curb appeal while boosting energy efficiency.

Bay Windows

Add a beautiful focal point to your home with a bay or bow window. These windows consist of a fixed window in the center joined together with your choice of venting windows on each side to form a 3D arc shape that increases depth and provides more interior space for your decorative items.

These energy-efficient windows are also good for older homes and will help you save on your heating and cooling costs. They are also available in a variety of colors that will enhance your home’s curb appeal.

These windows are made of high-quality vinyl, which is resistant to rotting, cracking, pitting and corrosion. They also come with a lifetime capped warranty. They are easy to clean and offer excellent heat retention, which will lower your energy bills.

Bow Windows

Bow windows add a unique, castle-like detail to your home. Like bay windows, they allow more light into rooms and increase resale value. They’re also more expensive than other window types.

They’re best for exterior wall spaces 40 inches or larger and include a large fixed window in the center with smaller flanking windows on either side. Their curved design creates space for a bench or reading nook and offers panoramic views.

They can be made with 3-6 windows and come in a variety of frame materials, glass/energy efficiency, and hardware style/finish. They’re great for letting in fresh air, which can improve your mood and help with any allergies you may have. They’re also easy to clean. Just wipe them down with a lint-free cloth.