Door Styles for Your Huntsville AL Home

Door styles Huntsville AL

From the aesthetic to energy-efficiency, your doors play a significant role in your home’s overall design. Fortunately, there are a variety of door styles that you can choose from to suit your taste and enhance your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you live in Hampton Cove, Downtown Huntsville, Jones Valley, Blossomwood or Madison, local homeowners are adept at decking out their homes with fixtures and furnishings that make a statement.

Classic Panel Door

Panels are a big part of both interior and exterior doors, both structurally and aesthetically. Some panel door styles feature true panels incorporated into the construction of the door while others use “skin” or solid pieces molded to look like panels over an internal core.

Structurally, frame-and-panel doors add stability by allowing large floating panels to expand and contract with changes in humidity without cracking or splitting. They also allow designers to arrange frames and panels in many different ways to match homes of diverse architectural styles. For example, while the classic six-panel design telegraphs colonial-style architecture, it’s also appropriate for Craftsman bungalows, Victorians, and even contemporary homes with two relatively large lower panels.

Authentic wood panel doors can be insulated, increasing their energy efficiency and helping to reduce sound transmission in a home. They come in both solid core and hollow core options, with the choice being dependent on the needs of the homeowner and the home.

Dutch Door

The Dutch Door style is a popular farmhouse staple, but it’s also a beautiful accent for any home. These doors are divided into two components with a window on the top and a door on the bottom, offering homeowners more options than a standard solid door.

The upper portion can be opened independently from the lower, allowing for airflow. This is a great feature for kitchens and bathrooms, promoting ventilation while reducing heating and cooling costs. It’s also perfect for letting in natural light or the sound of cicadas on a summer night.

You can even add a door shelf to the lower section for added functionality. It’s a great place to rest baked goods, vases, or other decorative pieces and can be used as a convenient spot for greeting guests. A shelf is a good safety feature for children as well, providing an alternative to gates and keeping small hands away from the hinges.

Arch Door

An arched doorway adds a touch of style to any home. Whether your style is classic, Scandinavian or contemporary, an arch can make your home stand out in a unique way. Arch doors have a long history, dating back to Gothic architecture, but they have since been popular as a designer look that is often seen in historic homes and also in many newer styles of space.

An arch-top doorway is a great accent to Tuscan, Mediterranean and French Country style homes, as well as Craftsman, Colonial and Tudor designs. They are often paired with sidelites and transoms to add light and visual interest.

These doors can be crafted with any type of panel, glass or plank arch. They can even be a solid, full view door with a half screen on the inside that can be interchanged for fresh air without removing the bottom panel. This is our newest style and is very popular with homeowners who have pets or young children that need enhanced security.

Flat Panel Cabinet Door

Flat panel cabinet doors, also known as slab doors, are a modern kitchen design trend that’s gaining popularity. These sleek, minimalistic cabinet doors have a framed recessed center panel and look great with paint or stain finishes. They provide a clean surface that allows your kitchen’s color scheme, hardware and other features to shine.

Because they don’t use contours to create a raised or recessed appearance, flat panel cabinet doors are much easier to clean than other door styles. This makes them perfect for busy households and a smart design choice if you’re planning to change your kitchen’s overall aesthetic down the road.

Another benefit of this simple style is that it’s highly flexible; it blends well with classic, contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. You can even mix them up with a few shaker-style doors to create an eclectic aesthetic that’s all your own. This versatility makes flat panel cabinet doors a solid investment.