Casement Windows in Huntsville AL

Located in Alabama’s Red River Valley, Huntsville is a vibrant city with a booming culture and exciting lifestyle. Homeowners in this city are looking to improve their homes’ appearance and value.

The best way to do this is with new windows. One option they can consider is Casement windows. These windows are similar to awning windows but operate with a hand crank.

Ease of Operation

A casement window opens fully and allows for easy cleaning, and its angled design directs breezes into the home. They are also a great choice for hard-to-reach areas. They can be complemented with a variety of glazing options to boost energy efficiency, including Low-E coatings and krypton gas fills.

The frame material is a major factor in the price of a new casement window. Wood tends to be more expensive, while aluminum and vinyl offer affordable alternatives. Fiberglass is becoming a popular option, with its durability and energy-efficiency benefits.

Professional installation ensures a precision fit and a weatherproof seal. It is also important to find a company with an excellent customer support team and warranty. Many reputable companies offer both full-frame replacement and insert replacement, saving homeowners time and effort. A full-frame replacement involves removing the existing window down to the studs and installing a new one, while an insert replacement keeps the original frame and sill.


Like awning windows, casement windows have a tight seal when closed that prevents drafts. However, they also offer more refined ventilation when opened as opposed to other window types. That’s because they have no sections that obstruct your view or eyesight, and all their hardware is concealed within the frame. This makes it impossible to tamper with them, making them one of the most secure window options on the market.

Unlike double hung or sliding windows, casement windows have hinged sashes on either side of the window that open outward with a simple hand crank. This allows natural light to flood in and fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

While each type of window offers unique qualities, it’s important to find the best window for your home. Whether you’re looking for a window that delivers on ventilation, energy efficiency, or aesthetics, WinChoice USA has the solution to suit your home. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote.


A casement window features a single sash hinged on either side of the frame and opens outward. This is ideal for a space that requires maximum ventilation like kitchens or bathrooms because it can easily open wide to encourage airflow.

This type of window can be a great addition to your home if you want unobstructed views of your outdoor landscape or garden. It can also be an attractive option if you have limited space for window treatments like curtains or blinds.

Stanek’s Casement windows are made of high-quality materials such as wood, clad, aluminum and fiberglass. They can be customized with different handles, glass panes, colors and hinge designs. They can also be fitted with security locks that prevent unwanted entry and reduce the risk of theft or vandalism. Their tight seal when closed minimizes heat loss and energy bills. This is why they are considered more energy efficient than other types of windows.

Energy Efficiency

The windows of a home play a serious role. Apart from serving as a source of light and ventilation, they offer protection against extreme weather conditions. They also act as escape passages in case of fire. When it comes to energy efficiency, they help reduce electricity costs. Investing in new windows in your home is an effective way to make it more functional and comfortable.

Unlike other window types, casement windows hinge sideways and open wide like doors. They are easy to operate using a hand crank and are perfect for areas that require improved airflow.

They are available in a variety of frame materials including vinyl, wood, fiberglass, and composite. Fiberglass frames are the most expensive but offer a number of benefits, including durability and superior energy efficiency. You can also customize them with different glazing options.