Energy Efficient Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors Huntsville AL

Sliding glass doors offer homeowners a sleek, modern look and stunning views. They can be easily opened during the day to let in natural light and closed at night to keep conditioned air inside.

They can also help reduce exposure to harmful UV rays that can damage skin and degrade furniture. To maximize the benefits of your new patio door, consider combining them with Hunter Douglas window treatments like Luminette(r) Privacy Sheers or Duette(r) Honeycomb Shades.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors offer a modern look and wide views. However, they can also be a major source of heat loss in the winter and energy gain in the summer. There are several ways to enhance the energy efficiency of these patio doors.

One way to increase the insulation of your sliding glass door is to install a double-paned model. The space between the panes is usually filled with a gas, typically argon, which has a thermal conductivity that is two-thirds less than air. Krypton gas is sometimes used for an even better insulating effect.

Another way to enhance the energy efficiency of your sliding glass doors is to add a low-e coating. This is a reflective film that reduces the amount of heat that can pass through the window. The coating can be applied on the exterior of the glass or sandwiched between the panes for maximum effectiveness. The cost of these types of doors can vary depending on the size and brand.


Sliding glass doors are a great addition to any home, adding value and increasing curb appeal. They also allow for natural light and a view of the yard or patio. But there are a few considerations to consider before investing in sliding glass door installation.

The appearance of the sliding glass door is a primary concern for many homeowners, particularly when considering replacing an older model. A pro can help you choose a style that complements your home and creates a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces.

A traditional design has two or more panel sections, some fixed and others mobile to slide open. They typically do not have mullions, except when trying to match a revival architectural style or using ‘snap-on’ faux grids. Many window treatments can be outfitted for sliding glass doors, including Duette(r) Honeycomb Shades which offer a cellular design to insulate your home against the heat and cold. Luminette(r) Privacy Sheers are another option for sliding glass doors, with rotating vertical fabric vanes that create the perfect level of privacy and light control.


One of the best things about being a homeowner is that you get to explore the variety of different ways you can make your house more unique and truly “yours.” One of the most valuable projects you can take on is replacing your standard doors with new sliding glass patio doors.

Sliding glass doors are more than just beautiful; they help create a seamless transition between your inside and outside spaces. They allow plenty of natural light to flow into your home while also providing stunning views of the outdoors.

With larger panes, they provide more of a panoramic view than standard patio doors. This is particularly helpful if you have young children who often play in the yard and want to be able to keep an eye on them.

You can easily control how much fresh air you let into a room through these doors by opening them as wide as you would like. They can be easily opened to let in a cool evening breeze or fresh spring air, and you can even use them to air out smoke or strong smells from cooking.


There are a few big concerns any homeowner should have when they consider getting new sliding glass doors for their home. Energy efficiency is usually at the top of the list, followed by overall appearance and functionality. Safety is also an important consideration.

Sliding glass doors offer a wide-open view into a house, which burglars can use to see if there is anything worth taking. Sliding glass doors also tend to have large panes of glass that can be easily broken.

To help prevent break-ins through the door, homeowners should install shatterproof window film or a security bar that prevents the door from being opened. It’s also a good idea to add an alarm that will go off if the door is jimmied open.