Patio Doors For Homes in Huntsville AL

Whether you are looking to improve the look of your home, increase its energy efficiency, or both, new patio doors can offer many benefits. They allow more sunlight into the house, kill bacteria and add a nice aesthetic to your property.

Patio doors also make it easier to bring in larger furniture pieces or food trays than traditional sliding glass doors. This is one of the reasons why people choose to install them.

French doors

French doors are a popular option for homes because they add elegance and let in natural sunlight. They are available in a variety of designs and can be customized to fit your home’s aesthetic. They are also energy efficient, insulating your home from cold or hot weather and making it easier to regulate temperature.

Therma-Tru’s Fiber-Classic Mahogany French patio door is the latest design from their Classic-Craft line and features a rich mahogany grain. This design matches the trend in home interiors toward darker wood tones and creates a cohesive look.

Madison Glass Company is a Huntsville-based glass repair company that provides window and door installation services. The company has been serving homeowners since 1940 and offers several services, including broken window repair, regular and antique mirror installation, furniture glass set up, and insulated window replacement. It also specializes in installing and repairing storm doors, fogged insulated window glass, and storefront doors. It is a member of the local and national glass associations.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors allow you to enjoy your property’s view and bring in natural light, making the interior of your home look larger. They also create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor living areas. Plus, they are energy-efficient, helping to keep cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Pella’s Contemporary style sliding patio doors offer modern design with a sleek silhouette and minimalist lines. They’re available in multi-slide configurations and can be customized with dual or triple panes of glass for greater energy efficiency. They also feature a low-profile sill to prevent tripping hazards and are tested against forced entry.

Aspect doors are made of vinyl and offer a range of color, grille pattern, hardware, and glass options. They also come with a multi-point locking system that provides improved security and easy operation.

Aluminum doors

If you’re looking for a door that makes a statement with style, beauty and energy efficiency, look no further than an aluminum patio door. This versatile door has a wide variety of options to fit any home.

Our energy efficient patio doors feature a 1’’ thick insulated glass unit that reduces U-factor and solar heat gain, helping you save on your energy costs. They also come with dual internal and external weatherstripping, compression bulb seals and closed-cell foam gaskets to provide a tough barrier against energy loss.

Huntsville is surrounded by natural beauty, with lakes for fishing and boating and state parks such as Monte Sano State Park for hiking. Iron doors are a great way to bring those views inside and increase your home’s security.

Wood doors

Wood doors offer a warm sense of natural beauty and coziness to your home. They are also excellent insulators, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Additionally, they are long lasting and provide a high return on investment.

They are available in both solid oak and engineered wood, which is a combination of several cheaper woods. The latter is easier to maintain, but it must be regularly refinished to retain its good looks.

Poplar wood is another option that works well with paint. Its coloring and wood grain are attractive and it is resistant to fading. It can also be stained to match your home’s color scheme. We also offer raw unfinished wood that allows you to choose how much rustic character you want in your door. For example, you can leave knots and voids to let as much of the natural beauty show through. This option is a bit more hands on as it requires you to sand the door to prep it for painting or staining.