Sliding Glass Doors – Security Options For Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding glass door (also known as a patio door) lets natural light into your home and gives you a view of the outdoors. It can also improve the energy efficiency of your home.

All new sliding glass doors have an energy performance rating. These ratings help homeowners compare the energy-saving features of different models.

Natural Light

Sliding glass doors make a beautiful design statement and allow in copious amounts of natural light. While this may sound great, the lack of privacy they provide along with the unavoidable exposure to sunlight can also negatively impact your home’s ambiance and your health.

To combat the lack of privacy, consider using window treatments that will help diffuse and filter the incoming light. The Duette shades from Hunter Douglas are a great option as they come in various pleat sizes, colors and patterns and can be combined with varying opacity vanes for more light control.

Similarly, woven wood shades are gaining popularity for their natural, earthy look and eco-friendly nature. Made from bamboo, reeds or grasses, these shades are designed to minimize stretching, warping and bowing over time. These window treatments are a great choice for sliding doors because they are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns that complement any decor.


Sliding doors let you bring more light into your home without having to turn on the lights during the day. Plus, you can watch your children play in the backyard from the kitchen or living room. You can even add sidelights and a transom above the door to create an amazing glass wall look.

Since sliding windows and doors glide horizontally rather than swing in or out, they don’t need a lot of space to operate. This allows them to fit into spots where a standard swinging window would be impractical.

Sliding doors and windows also offer a timeless design that works well in homes of all sizes, layouts, locations, and styles. And with the wide array of stylish window grids available from Thompson Creek, you can customize your doors to complement your decor.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors bring in a natural light that makes your home feel airy and bright. This influx of sunlight not only improves mood but also boosts productivity and regulates sleep patterns. Additionally, this type of door helps to reduce energy bills as it can be opened during the day to allow in fresh air and closed at night to keep conditioned air inside your home.

When shopping for sliding glass doors, it’s important to look for ones with a Listed Energy Performance Rating. This is based on factors such as weather stripping, the amount and quality of glass panes, and insulation. For optimal energy efficiency, consider choosing a door with double or triple glazed doors and low-emissivity coatings.

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Sliding glass doors provide your home with plenty of natural light and open views. However, they are also a common entry point for criminals. They can shatter the tempered glass and gain access to your property. There are a few security options available for sliding glass doors that can put your mind at ease and prevent crime from occurring.

One of the most important security features you can add to your sliding glass doors is a jimmy plate. These plates look like a flat piece of metal and block the lock mechanism on the door, making it more difficult to jimmy the doors open.

Another option is to install a broken glass detector that sounds an alarm if the glass breaks. This can deter criminals from entering your home and alert law enforcement to their presence. These detectors are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. They can also be combined with other security features to create a complete home security system.