Door Styles for Huntsville AL Homes

Your front door is more than just a way in and out—it offers a first impression for visitors and is vital to your home’s security. With a range of options to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect door style for your Huntsville AL property.

Battened and ledged doors offer a rustic charm that suits homes aiming for a cozy, rural aesthetic. Bi-fold doors are space-efficient and provide an architecturally interesting design.


Whether your home is a traditional or modern design, we have the door style that suits your aesthetic. From steel to wood, our doors are durable against the elements and offer security against intruders in Huntsville, AL. They also prevent drafts and help you save on energy costs.

An attractive front door makes a positive impression on guests and boosts your curb appeal. Iron doors, for example, exude elegance and are tough against intruders, ensuring that your home is well-protected. They also increase your home’s perceived value, helping you recoup your investment.

French doors feature dual door panels with glass panes extending the full length, offering an elegant touch that brightens homes in Huntsville, AL. Craftsman doors are influenced by rustic barn aesthetics, combining rustic elements with updated designs for a handcrafted appeal that adds character to any home. Sliding doors glide horizontally on tracks, requiring less space to open, making them ideal for homes with patios and balconies.


Arched doors create a memorable first impression and enhance the aesthetic of homes. They can be found on a wide range of door styles, including double entry doors, French doors, and sliding doors.

Sliding doors slide horizontally to open, saving space and allowing for seamless indoor-outdoor transitions. They’re ideal for Huntsville, AL homes with patios and balconies.

Steel doors provide a tough barrier against potential intruders and help to keep interior temperatures stable, reducing energy bills in the process. They’re also available with enhanced insulation and weather stripping for an added layer of protection against the elements.

Battened and ledged doors feature vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges for a rustic look that complements farmhouse-style homes. These doors are also an attractive option for homes with Spanish influences.

Raised Panels

Raised panel cabinet doors offer a more intricate design than shaker style cabinet doors. They have a raised center panel with grooved edges and rectangular framing surrounding it, which gives it a more luxurious appearance that works well in traditional kitchen styles.

They can also be paired with other door styles, including arched and cathedral doors. They’re often made from solid wood, such as oak or hickory, but can also be manufactured in a variety of different materials, such as thermofoil.

One of the biggest differences between raised and shaker panel doors is that shaker panels are more minimalist and don’t require a lot of detailed work or craftsmanship to create, so they tend to be cheaper than raised panel cabinet doors. Regardless, both are great options to consider for your new kitchen and can add the timeless look you’re going for. You can even add glass inserts to these doors to further elevate your cabinetry.


Unlike a pre-hung door that comes with hinges attached to a three-sided frame, slab doors are simply the door. This type of door typically includes a hole cut out for the doorknob, but all other hardware such as hinges and a strike plate will need to be installed separately.

Slab doors provide homeowners with a realm of do-it-yourself opportunities and can fit into a variety of existing door openings and spaces. However, the extra work involved in mounting the hardware and finishing a slab door will likely make this type of door a less desirable option for those who lack experience working with power tools.

A front door is one of the first things visitors see when they arrive at a home, and it can have a significant impact on their impression. Choosing a slab door allows homeowners to get creative and customize their new entryway with an attractive design that complements the look of their home.