Improve Your Home’s Beauty With Double Pane Windows

Double pane windows Huntsville AL

The right window company can improve your home’s beauty and energy efficiency. Look for companies with long histories of quality work and excellent customer service in your area.

Double pane windows have two glass panes that are separated by a space filled with an insulating gas like argon. This makes them more efficient than single-pane windows, which are more prone to condensation.


Upgrading your windows with vinyl is an excellent investment for your home. It will improve your curb appeal, boost energy efficiency, and brighten drab interior spaces.

A double-pane window has two sheets or panes of glass with a layer of argon gas sealed in between them. This adds to your home’s insulation and helps to keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.


Wood windows are beautiful additions to homes, and can enhance the aesthetic of a building. They can also offer a number of energy-saving benefits, as well.

Unlike single pane windows, double-pane windows use two sheets of glass that are separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed together. The spacer is filled with a gas, such as argon, krypton or xenon, which provides more insulation than air.

Also known as storm windows, these windows are a great option for older Huntsville AL homes. They can improve a home’s insulation without damaging the original frames or classic look.


Aluminum windows offer a classic look and are flexible in the creation of unique window shapes. They can also withstand the elements better than wood frames.

Although aluminum conducts heat, innovations like thermal breaks and Low E glass improve energy efficiency. They’re a good option for an energy conscious homeowner.

Double hung windows feature two operable sashes that slide upward, allowing air to flow into the home. Combined with argon gas between the panes, these windows are highly energy efficient.

Bays & Bows

Add a feeling of dimension to your home with bay and bow windows. These windows consist of multiple picture and fixed windows, creating a curved design that juts out from your home’s exterior walls.

Depending on the manufacturer, bow windows cost up to $1,900 on average with premade, off-the-shelf options that minimize installation costs. They also require more structural changes, such as drywall and siding. Many bow window designs include insulated glass, which uses double or triple panes and Krypton or Argon gas between them for added insulation.


A hinged design that opens from one side using a crank or lever allows for maximum ventilation while also providing unobstructed views. Simple and sleek, these windows complement both traditional and contemporary home designs.

They can be insulated with argon gas and Low E glass to increase energy efficiency. This will help reduce your energy costs over time.

This window style is known for eliminating drafts during cold weather and reducing leaks during rainy ones. It requires a specialized team to install it correctly.


Double-pane windows help to reduce outside noise, making your home more comfortable. They are also known to help with energy savings.

Awning windows are hinged from one side and open upward with a crank, they allow for fresh air in a rainy day without soaking your home’s interior. These windows are also a great way to add style and curb appeal.

They have two panes of glass and a spacer that’s filled with a gas such as argon, xenon or krypton. This creates a tight seal that improves insulation.


Traditionally, transom windows were installed above exterior doors. These decorative windows offer an attractive way to let light in, but they also serve a functional purpose in that they allow fresh air into the home without opening the door or letting in cold drafts.

These windows can be framed in wood or aluminum and include a variety of glass options such as clear, beveled, or stained. They can also be purchased in models that open to promote ventilation.

Basement Windows

Window installation can enhance your home’s beauty, curb appeal and energy efficiency. WinTek USA offers high-performance windows at prices you can afford.

Egress, daylight and walkout windows can transform basements from dark, drab spaces into livable living space. They can also meet safety requirements for escape routes in finished basements.

Double-pane windows are more energy efficient than single-pane windows because hot or cold air has to pass through two separate panes of glass before entering your home. This helps reduce condensation.

Escape Windows

For homeowners with old windows that are difficult to open and close, leaking or fogging between window panes, or rotting window frames letting in moisture, replacement windows can solve the problem. These windows can also help reduce energy bills and enhance the home’s curb appeal.

Featuring argon or krypton gas between the two window panes, these windows offer improved insulation and performance in cold climates. They are available in various styles and sizes to fit any room.