Casement Windows in Huntsville AL

Windows are an integral part of any home. They allow natural light to flood in, brighten drab rooms, and help save on energy bills.

New replacement windows can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency. Double and triple pane windows are available with argon or krypton gas filled between the glass for added insulation.

Single Hung

Homeowners often wonder which window style offers better energy-efficiency. In general, single hung windows are less efficient than double hung styles.

Sliding windows open horizontally, allowing air to circulate. This window style is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit any decor.

Double Hung

The most popular window replacement option for homeowners, double-hung windows offer superior energy efficiency and a tight seal when cranked closed and locked. They also have a lower failure rate than other windows because they don’t have as many mechanical parts to break down or wear out over time.

Homeowners can choose from wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite frames for casement windows. Vinyl offers the best combination of durability and affordability, while fiberglass is stronger and more suitable for severe climates.


Unlike double hung windows, casement and awning windows open by hinges on the left or right side. They are operated by a hand crank and are great for hard-to-reach spaces. They also offer a tighter seal, making them energy efficient.

Awning windows are a stylish addition to restaurants, cafés, and hotels. They can add elegance, increase comfort, and attract more customers.


Bay windows feature three or more window panels set at angles to each other, allowing for expansive views and natural light. They can be incorporated in living rooms, dining areas, or master bedrooms.

They operate closely to awning windows, but open outward on hinges with a crank, making them great for ventilation. You can install them alone or build them into a bow or bay window.


Bow windows are a gorgeous addition to any room. Their curved design offers a wider perspective of the outdoors, connecting you with nature and cityscapes.

They’re available in a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Fiberglass and composite materials offer low-maintenance durability. Aluminum is resistant to rust. Choose a frame material that matches your design style and budget.


These windows are installed above your doors or other windows to add a little flair and light. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes to match any style.

They can be either fixed or operable. They let in natural light and can also be used for ventilation. Most homeowners prefer to place these above their front door. This makes it feel more inviting to visitors.

Double Pane

Double pane casement windows offer a traditional look with the ability to open and close. They also feature sashes that tilt for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Aluminum frames offer good energy efficiency. They include thermal breaks to stop the transfer of heat and cold, argon-filled glass, and low E coating.

Triple Pane

Triple pane windows offer improved energy efficiency, security, noise reduction, and insulation. Typically, they have two window sashes sandwiched together with an Argon gas filled gap which provides extra insulation during the colder months.

These are a great option for Northern climates since glass is a thermal conductor and the gas between the sashes acts as a roadblock to cold air transfer. They are also referred to as an Insulated Glass Unit (IG unit).


Aluminum casement windows are strong and durable. They are available in many colors and have good energy ratings.

Choose insulated tempered glass that reduces the amount of UV rays entering your home. This helps minimize fading of furniture and window treatments.

Look for a window that is certified by the Energy Star program. This will help you save on your energy bills and is good for the environment.


Unlike awning windows, casement windows hinge on one side and open outward like a door. They offer a clean unobstructed view and are easy to open and close. They also come in a variety of finishes including aluminum, wood, and fiberglass.

They provide a tight seal and are energy efficient especially when combined with Argon gas and Low E glass. They can be installed on their own or in combinations like a Bay window.