Types of Custom Windows in Huntsville AL

Custom windows Huntsville AL

New windows can make your home more energy efficient and comfortable. They can also improve your home’s curb appeal. You can find several types of replacement windows to fit your aesthetic preferences and budget.

Look for a Huntsville window installation company that offers the styles and options you want. Ask for a price quote and check online reviews to compare prices.

Double-pane windows

Double-pane windows are a popular option for homeowners because of their many benefits. They provide better insulation and help save on energy costs, while also reducing noise pollution from outside. This feature can be especially helpful if you live near a busy road or airport.

Double pane windows are made from two glass panes with a space between them, often filled with argon gas or low-E glass. This space helps block out the heat of summer and cold air in winter, saving you money on your energy bills.

They also reduce condensation and are less likely to develop a rattle when it’s windy. In addition, they can keep out unwanted noise pollution that can cause sleeplessness and even contribute to high blood pressure and depression (see BrainFacts). In the long run, this means a healthier lifestyle for you and your family. They are also a desirable feature for homebuyers and can increase the value of your house.

Triple-pane windows

The three window panes of a triple-pane window create an air barrier that prevents cold drafts from entering your home. These windows also reduce noise and help maintain a steady indoor temperature. Triple-pane windows are more expensive than double-pane windows, but they may be worth the investment for homeowners in certain climates.

Triple pane windows are insulated better than double-pane windows, and they provide greater energy efficiency. They feature a broader range of features, such as insulating spacers and frames, low-emissivity glass coatings, and argon gas fills. They are also more effective at reducing condensation than standard windows.

If you are considering triple pane windows, look for a manufacturer that offers a Super Spacer and Low-E with argon fill. This will provide the best insulating performance. You should also choose a window with a higher overall IG thickness. A lower IG thickness can lead to poor thermal performance. The argon fills in triple-pane windows help increase the relative humidity levels inside the window, making it less likely that vapor will condense on the surface of the glass.

Argon gas-filled windows

Argon and Krypton are two colorless, odorless, inert gases that are commonly used between window panes to boost energy efficiency. They are much denser than air, so they prevent heat transfer more effectively. They also block harmful UV rays that can damage or fade your furniture, carpeting, and artwork.

While double-pane windows reduce heat transfer, argon gas-filled windows are even more efficient. They can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 30%. In addition, argon-filled windows help insulate your home better and make it quieter by filtering out unwanted noises from outside.

However, homeowners should be aware that argon-filled windows can leak over time. This is a problem that often happens during temperature fluctuations and humidity changes. Leakage can cause moisture to build up between the window panes, which will deteriorate the seal. This can also lead to water, dust and dirt leaking into your home. To avoid this, install a capillary tube or breather in your argon-filled windows if you live at high altitudes.

Low-E glass

If you want to boost your home’s energy efficiency and reduce its carbon footprint, consider getting new windows that incorporate Low-E glass. This type of glass prevents heated or cooled air from escaping the building, which makes your HVAC system work less hard. It also helps to protect interior furnishings from UV radiation, which can fade them over time.

Low-E glass has a coating on the surface that is designed to reflect most of the infrared radiation responsible for heat gain, while still allowing visible light to pass through the window. This coating significantly reduces the amount of heat that is absorbed by the window and keeps the building cooler in summer.

Energy-efficient windows Huntsville AL help keep varying temperatures from entering your building, which can save you money on your electricity bills. They also minimize glare, which can cause eye strain in offices and can make it difficult to focus on a computer screen or read.