Door Styles That Elevate Curb Appeal and Boost Resale Value

Door styles Huntsville AL

Your door is more than just a gateway into your home—it conveys your aesthetic and welcomes guests with its appearance. The right style can elevate curb appeal and boost resale value, while remaining sturdy against harsh weather conditions and ensuring energy efficiency.

Mahogany doors stand out as a premium choice for homeowners in Huntsville, AL with their fine grain and resistance to weathering. Other options include barn doors for rustic aesthetics and battened and ledged styles that showcase traditional craftsmanship.


In addition to adding curb appeal, a well-chosen front door can boost your home’s energy efficiency. With the right seal and insulation, it prevents drafts, stabilizes indoor temperatures and cuts down on heating and cooling costs.

Traditional doors feature decorative paneling and classic hardware for a timeless aesthetic. Battened and ledged doors are crafted from vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges for a rustic charm.


Door design trends are moving toward clean lines and minimalistic features. These doors can also provide energy efficiency benefits in Huntsville AL homes with tight seals and insulation that prevent drafts and maintain comfortable indoor temperatures.

French doors feature dual door panels and glass panes that extend the full length of the door. They’re a popular choice that lets natural light flood interior spaces, adding beauty to homes in Huntsville, AL.


Whether your home is modern or traditional, a new front door can elevate its aesthetic and boost its resale value in Huntsville. Other unique options include barn doors inspired by rustic barn aesthetics, battened and ledged doors to showcase traditional craftsmanship, and louvre doors that provide light control while maintaining a sleek look.

Garaga doors also feature low-E glass and tightly sealed weatherstripping to help you save on energy costs all year round.

Double Entry

Whether you’re looking to create a grand entrance or simply want an extra door for welcoming guests and moving furniture, double doors make for a welcoming addition. They’re also ideal for homes with patios and balconies to ensure seamless indoor-outdoor transitions.

French doors feature dual door panels that extend across the width of your home, allowing natural light to fill your interior. They’re a popular choice for Huntsville homes that favor style, privacy, and easy operation.


French doors offer timeless elegance, allowing natural light to flood into your home. Window World of Huntsville’s 2-panel and 4-panel French rail sliding patio doors feature heavy-duty mainframe and sash construction for durability and energy efficiency. The high-performance insulated glass units offer superior strength and performance, saving you money on your energy bills all year round. Our French doors come in a variety of colors and finishes.


The doors in your home have a big impact on your energy performance rating. Window World of Huntsville’s insulated doors feature a heavy-duty mainframe and sash construction and high-performance glass units to help you save on your utility bills year round.

Sliding door styles seamlessly connect living areas and provide an unobstructed view of your landscape. They also uplift interior spaces and let in more natural light.


For homeowners who prioritize durability and security, steel double front doors are a top choice. They’re able to stand up to strong winds and rain, protecting your home from intruders and keeping it safe from the elements.

They also provide energy efficiency, minimizing drafts and helping you save on your monthly heating and cooling bills. Many styles also offer a sleek appearance that complements contemporary architectural designs.


A new exterior door can elevate your home’s aesthetics and boost its perceived market value. Ensure your front door makes the right first impression with high-quality, customizable options.

Cedar offers a classic look with fine grain and warm tones. It resists decay and pests to provide durability with minimal upkeep.

Teak stands up to varying weather conditions in Huntsville, AL, without warping or rotting. Its stable composition and natural oils also repel moisture to preserve its beauty.


A glass door opens up your living space by allowing natural light and unobstructed views of the outdoors. It is a smart upgrade for families with young children and empty-nesters alike.

All Sun Mountain doors are built “open for glass.” This means they have things like knots, voids and cracks filled so that when you add your one-of-a-kind custom glass, the door will look seamless.

Garage Door

When shopping for a garage door, you want both efficiency and beauty. Garaga offers doors that blend form and function, with insulated windows to help keep your home comfortable year round.

These products look like bifold closet doors, but roll up and down like traditional overhead garage doors. They can be windowless for a quaint barn door look or equipped with windows and decorative hardware.