Door Styles and Materials

A beautiful front door elevates curb appeal, boosts your home’s perceived value and offers superior protection against intruders. It also helps control indoor temperatures and save on energy costs.

Traditional doors prioritize intricate paneling and classic hardware for an elegant aesthetic. They work well with most styles of homes. Craftsman doors blend rustic elements with updated designs to offer a unified, stylish look.


A beautiful front door makes a big impression on guests and boosts home security. It also offers a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing for natural light and unobstructed views. However, with so many door styles and materials to choose from, finding the right custom option can feel overwhelming. Luckily, local doors dealers in Huntsville AL can help simplify the process, helping you find a door that perfectly suits your style and complements your home.

Modern entry doors prioritize clean lines and minimalistic designs, offering a sleek aesthetic that matches contemporary architectural styles. They are also available in a wide range of colors and finishes, allowing you to easily match them with your aesthetic. They are a great choice for homeowners in Hampton Cove, Jones Valley, downtown Huntsville and Blossomwood who want to create a sophisticated statement with their entrance.

Craftsman doors merge rustic elements with updated designs to offer a unique style, making them ideal for homes in Huntsville, AL seeking a handcrafted touch. These doors can be crafted from wood and feature glass or metal elements, creating a balanced look that can complement most design themes.

Sliding patio doors feature horizontal sliding panels that save space and offer an elegant design. They are a great option for homeowners in Huntsville, AL who want to connect their indoor and outdoor living areas while maximizing natural light. They also pair well with Hunter Douglas Luminette Privacy Sheers and Silhouette Window Shadings for additional light control.

Steel doors are a popular choice for homeowners in Huntsville, AL looking to protect their home from intruders and improve energy efficiency. These durable, insulated doors come with weatherstripping to withstand varying climate conditions.

Single-entry doors feature one door panel and are a simple, practical choice for homes in Huntsville, AL seeking an elegant appearance. They are a popular choice for households with children and pets, as they allow for easier entrance and exit.