Mid-Century Modern Window Styles

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Window styles are an essential part of a home’s aesthetic and functionality. Local window contractors can help homeowners make smart decisions that improve the look and feel of their homes.

Choose from wood windows that withstand the elements or vinyl windows designed to last without maintenance. Or opt for a hybrid option that offers the durability of fiberglass and the timeless warmth of real wood.

Mid-Century Modern

Whether you live in an original mid-century modern house or are building new construction that is part of this architectural style, you want replacement windows that blend with your home’s unique design. Fortunately, there are many window styles that go well with mid-century modern architecture, including casement and double hung windows, sliding windows, and awning windows.

These windows showcase clean lines and close-to-the-ground architecture that emphasizes a connection with nature. They often feature geometric shapes, splayed legs, and vivid colors to add interest to their sleek profile.

Homes built in the mid-century modern style are designed to provide a comfortable and functional lifestyle. They are typically one-story, with open floor plans and large walls of glass that create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. The modern style also features angled rooflines, linear window styles, and a recessed entrance to protect the front door from snow. In addition, they often feature natural materials, such as wood, that match the interior design.

Dark-Colored Frames

A trend that’s here to stay, black accents look great on certain home colors and are a nice contrast with lighter walls. Black window frames are available in several different finishes, such as Architectural Bronze and Espresso. If you want a dark shade that’s not quite as bold, try our Castle Gray or Silver window frames.

When you choose vinyl windows, you’ll have lots of interior and exterior color choices. White frames complement any decor aesthetic, while gray frames work well with modern homes and traditional exteriors. Wood-grain frames offer a more rustic aesthetic and look great with classic farmhouse style. Wood frames pair best with warmer tones in an image, like reds and browns, while cooler tones, such as blues and greens, pair better with lighter frames, such as pine or oak.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, also known as gliding windows, are a great option for homeowners who want their replacement windows to be easy to open and close. They slide on a roller and lift out easily for cleaning.

They’re also ideal for rooms with lower ceilings because their wide design can make the space feel larger. Plus, they offer an expansive view of the outdoors and let in lots of natural light to reduce energy bills.

Our gliding windows are made with energy-efficient glass options and multi-chambered sash and mainframe construction for improved thermal performance. They also feature a low-maintenance design without springs and pulleys, which can wear down over time. As an added bonus, they can be custom-crafted to match your home’s design with a range of color, hardware, and grille options.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows allow you to open and tilt the top and bottom sashes for ventilation. This makes them ideal for homes on the second floor, since you can clean both sides of the glass from inside the home. They are also popular in rooms where it is difficult to reach the window from outside, like a laundry room or bathroom.

These windows can be found in wood, fiberglass and vinyl options to complement your home’s aesthetic. They are often used in homes that lean more traditional, such as craftsman or colonial style properties.

Energy-efficient double-hung windows are a smart choice for any space in your home. They help to keep outdoor temperatures from impacting indoor ones, reducing heating and cooling costs year-round. This is because of their insulated glass package, which reduces solar heat accumulation and interior glare, while lowering interior glass temperature in warm weather. This provides comfort without sacrificing a beautiful appearance. The sashes of these windows are also easy to clean, making it simple for homeowners to maintain them on a regular basis.