Upgrade Your Home With New Front Entry Doors

A new front door will make a style statement and boost your home’s energy efficiency. Older doors creak, look dated and let cold air into homes during winter and hot air during summer.

Known as Rocket City, Huntsville boasts a rich history in military and aerospace and a gorgeous natural setting, including Monte Sano State Park. Residents lead active lifestyles that call for durable and secure doors.


Your home’s entry door provides a first impression to visitors. It must be tough against the elements and deter intruders, while complementing your home’s aesthetic. An attractive new front door also elevates your home’s curb appeal and boosts its value on the market. At Window World of Huntsville, we offer an impressive range of customized front door replacement options from brands like Andersen and ProVia.

Modern doors prioritize clean lines and minimalist designs. Their sleek appearances make them a popular choice for homeowners in Huntsville, AL looking to upgrade their exterior.

Craftsman doors showcase a mix of rustic and updated aesthetics. They’re ideal for homes in Huntsville, AL seeking an artisanal touch.

Bi-fold doors fold into each other, requiring less space to open than traditional doors. They’re perfect for Huntsville, AL homeowners with small entryways.


A new front door does more than enhance your home’s curb appeal; it also boosts its value and protects your loved ones from intrusion. With their superior strength and insulating properties, steel replacement doors are a popular choice for Huntsville, AL residents looking to secure their homes.

Wooden front doors offer elegance and timeless beauty, blending well with a variety of architectural styles. They can be customized with stains or paints to meet your aesthetic needs.

Featuring raised or flat panels set into frames, wood paneled doors add a sophisticated touch to your home. They come in a range of sizes and styles, making them an ideal option for homeowners in Huntsville, AL seeking simplicity with style.

Inspired by rustic barn aesthetics, craftsman doors offer a handcrafted look for homeowners in Huntsville, AL looking to add character. They often feature rectangular glass panes at the top, blending classic charm with modern functionality.


A new front door gives a stylish first impression to visitors and enhances your home’s curb appeal. It also helps improve your energy efficiency by preventing drafts and keeping indoor temperatures consistent.

Steel doors are strong against potential intruders, and their tightly sealed weather strip offers insulation for a comfortable living space. Fiberglass doors imitate the defined wood grain of traditional wood doors, but they are resistant to wear and tear for long-lasting beauty and performance.

Sliding doors glide horizontally, taking up less room than hinged options for a sleek aesthetic. French doors feature dual door panels with glass panes extending across the entire door for a grand entrance. Craftsman doors are inspired by rustic barn aesthetics and offer a handcrafted look for Huntsville homes aiming for an eclectic style. Wrought iron security doors feature frosted safety glass and heavy wrought iron frames for a high-security option.

Wrought Iron

Wrought iron doors are the epitome of luxury. These doors make an impression on anyone who enters your home, whether they’re friends and family or complete strangers. They are heavy-duty, insulated, and come in many different styles and finishes.

When people talk about wrought iron, they usually think of blacksmiths hammering and twisting it into elaborate designs. However, true wrought iron is quite rare today. Most new wrought iron is made from mild steel or cast iron, rather than the traditional bloomery or puddling iron that blacksmiths used to work with back in the day.

The name wrought iron is actually an archaic past participle of the verb to “work” or “to forge.” It was named this way because of its great flexibility and strength. It’s a stringy, malleable metal that is produced from semifused masses of relatively pure iron globules partially surrounded by slag. It contains less than 1% carbon and about 2% slag, making it tough and corrosion-resistant.