Window Styles to Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Windows are a key design element that contribute to your home’s overall aesthetic. Whether your style is traditional, transitional, or modern – the right window options can boost your home’s curb appeal.

There are numerous window styles to choose from, but most fall into one of two categories: fixed and operable. This article will discuss some of the most popular window styles Huntsville AL homeowners are choosing to upgrade their living spaces.


Unlike double hung windows or sliding windows, casement windows open outward using hinges on the sides. They are operated by a hand crank and allow you to enjoy the breeze during our Alabama summers and fall.

They are available in wood, fiberglass, aluminum or a combination of materials. Wood windows provide a classic look and offer good insulation. They are also resistant to swelling, rotting and warping. Aluminum windows are lightweight and strong. They are resistant to rust and can be painted to match your home design.

Window replacement experts recommend installing triple pane windows, which are made of three glass panes separated by a spacer and inert gas such as argon. These windows improve energy efficiency and protect interiors from harmful UV rays that can cause furniture, fabrics and flooring to fade over time.


Awning windows are a beautiful blend of beauty and functionality. They operate differently than single-hung windows because they have a top hinge that swings outward. This makes them ideal for rooms that need ventilation during storms or rainy weather. They also allow you to open the window without risking getting rainwater inside.

Awning windows also provide a tight seal, which makes them energy efficient. They can help you save on your energy bills by keeping the heat in during the winter and the cold out during summer.

These windows are available in a variety of materials, including aluminum and fiberglass. They can be used for residential and commercial properties. They can even be used as an attractive way to advertise your business. Signarama Huntsville (Madison), AL, can create awning graphics that complement your company’s theme and expression.


Transom windows are an attractive way to add natural light and ventilation to entryways without increasing the size of existing window setups. They also create a unique design focal point that adds character and visual interest to the room.

Transoms can be rectangular or custom-shaped to complement a specific entryway. They can be double or triple-pane with a space between the glass that is filled with Argon gas for improved energy efficiency.

They can be framed with wood or steel and come in a variety of colors and finishes to match your décor. They can also be fitted with decorative or obscure glass with Victorian or historical grille patterns to enhance Colonial, Craftsman, or Victorian designs. A clerestory is another type of transom that can be used for a modern or farmhouse style.

Single Sliding

If you’re looking for a style that can blend the indoor and outdoor environment, consider replacing your windows with beautiful sliding windows in Huntsville AL. They can open up a room and let in natural light, while also enhancing your home’s curb appeal and increasing its value.

Slider windows move side-to-side on a horizontal track, making them ideal for tight spaces. They are easy to operate and require little maintenance. You can open them as much as you want to ventilate a room.

Sliding windows are available in a variety of colors and styles to match any style home. You can even choose from composite and clad wood windows that combine different materials for durability and beauty. These windows are highly energy efficient and are a great option for any homeowner.

Double Hung

Double-hung windows offer an appealing aesthetic and excellent ventilation options. They feature two movable sashes that slide vertically within the window frame, allowing you to open either the upper or lower sash, or both simultaneously.

These window styles pair well with most home designs, especially those that seek a traditional aesthetic. Their versatility also makes them suitable for spaces that require varied ventilation options, such as bedrooms.

Unlike single-hung windows, which only have one operable sash, double-hung sashes can tilt inward for cleaning. To do so, push the tilt latches inward and gently tilt the upper sash towards you before resting it carefully on the lower sash. This makes them easier to clean, especially for higher up windows that are harder to reach. Our double hung windows are also energy efficient. They come with a Low-E glass, warm-edge spacers, and insulated vinyl framing.