4 Types of Front Entry Doors

Your entry door makes a statement, offers security and welcomes you home. According to a national study, it can also boost your house’s perceived value.

We can help with upgrades that make your entrance doors stand out while adding efficiency. Choose a design that complements your style and fits with your space.


Steel front doors offer a sleek aesthetic that is ideal for homes with a modern architectural style. They also provide increased security and energy efficiency, minimizing heat transfer to keep homes comfortable throughout the year. They can be customized with a variety of features, including glass panes, to fit the aesthetic of any home.

Wood exterior doors are an excellent option for Huntsville, AL homeowners who want to elevate their homes’ style and functionality. Mahogany is highly durable and resists changes in temperature, making it an exceptional choice for the city’s varying climate. Teak, meanwhile, stands out with its rich golden-brown color and dense composition that repels moisture.


Wood front doors offer a warm and inviting entryway. They can also improve your home’s acoustic and thermal performance, making your house more comfortable and quieter.

Choose durable materials that can withstand Huntsville’s diverse climate conditions, such as teak and mahogany. Their stability and durability help them resist moisture and rot, giving you an exceptional lifespan for your front door.

Double entry doors feature two door panels, creating a grand entrance for homes in Huntsville, AL. Sliding doors glide horizontally, requiring less space to open. Craftsman doors feature detailed designs for an artisanal look. Iron doors add elegance and security, while preventing intruders from breaking into your home.


An attractive front door welcomes guests and adds a stylish curb appeal to your home. It also helps to protect your family against intruders and the elements.

Modern entry doors prioritize clean lines and minimalistic designs for a contemporary statement. Craftsman doors are a popular choice that balance rustic elements with updated design features.

Sliding doors offer a sleek aesthetic that saves space and allows natural light to flow into the entryway. They’re perfect for Huntsville, AL homes with patios or balconies.

Fiberglass doors mimic the defined grain of authentic wood and come in a variety of stain and paint colors for a customized look. They’re rust-resistant, durable and energy efficient.


Bi-fold doors are similar to sliding and accordion doors, but they fold away rather than slide horizontally. They require less space than traditional doors and allow a wide view of the garden or patio area.

Modern doors feature clean lines, often incorporating glass and metal elements for an updated look. Craftsman doors blend rustic and modern elements for an artisanal aesthetic, perfect for homes in Huntsville, AL seeking a transitional style.

Wrought iron front entry doors increase home security by reducing the likelihood of burglary or vandalism. They’re also strong enough to withstand the forces of nature, including weather and harsh sunlight. They’re available in a range of colors and styles.


Designed to be durable and energy-efficient, these doors make an excellent choice for Huntsville homes in need of added security. They provide a sturdy barrier against intruders and prevent drafts from entering, helping homeowners save on heating and cooling costs.

Wood paneled doors feature raised or flat panels set into frames, perfect for homes in search of elegance and simplicity. They’re also highly customizable, with options to add decorative details and customizations that match homeowner style.

Craftsman doors offer a modern look, blending rustic elements with updated functionality. These doors are a great fit for homes in Huntsville looking for an artisanal aesthetic.

Battened & Ledged

Featuring vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges, these doors offer rustic charm and sturdy design. They are ideal for homes in Huntsville, AL seeking a traditional aesthetic.

Steel doors are strong against potential intruders, and offer insulation for energy efficiency. They can also be customized with stains or paints for a personalized look.

Fiberglass entry doors closely mimic the defined grain of authentic wood, with color and texture options to fit any homeowner’s style preference. They are easy to maintain, with a surface that resists dents and dings for long-lasting beauty. These doors can be combined with glass for a modern look.