Window Styles in Huntsville AL

Window styles Huntsville AL

Window styles play a significant role in the design, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. Learn about the most popular windows in West Central Alabama and discover your ideal options.

Double hung windows are easy to maintain and offer improved air circulation. They also include the option of low e-glass that reduces heat transfer to help lower utility bills.


When it comes to outfitting your home with new windows, the window style you choose plays an important role in the overall ambiance of your space and your energy efficiency. Our expert team can help you discover a window style that matches your traditional home design while ensuring functionality and enhancing performance.

Whether you want a double-hung window with the ability to open both top and bottom sashes or a casement window that opens like a door, our replacement windows offer superior quality that can save you money and keep your home more comfortable year-round. We offer many color and woodgrain options to customize the aesthetic of your windows, as well as attractive hardware for an appealing finish.

Other popular window styles for traditional homes include bay and bow windows, awning windows, and picture windows. Bay and bow windows add visual interest to your home while letting natural light flood in, while awning windows can be opened to let in fresh air. Picture windows feature large expanses of glass for a simple, elegant look that complements any traditional architectural style.


Whether your home has a contemporary or modern design, you can easily blend it with window styles Huntsville AL that match your aesthetic and provide the performance you need. Explore durable and visually appealing frames like vinyl, composite and real wood that offer long-lasting beauty, increased energy efficiency and reduced utility costs.

Single-sliding windows only have one moveable sash that opens from the bottom; they’re ideal for areas where you want to maximize ventilation control and are easy to clean. Double-hung windows, on the other hand, allow you to open both the top and the bottom of the window for airflow.

Another option for modern homes is casement windows, which swing outward like a door and use a crank to open. These windows are great for tight spaces, offering exceptional ventilation control and bringing a touch of sophistication to any space. They also come in low-e glass options to improve their insulating properties and help reduce your energy bills.

Ranch & Split-Level

The window styles Huntsville residents choose for their homes play an important role in the ambiance of their living spaces and energy efficiency. The best Huntsville window installation experts can help homeowners identify the right style for their homes, and recommend options that match or contrast with the color of their siding.

Ranch and split-level homes became popular as families grew in post-World War II America. They typically feature a lower level and an upper level, with a garage located in between. Large windows and sliding patio doors are common in these homes. Double-hung windows work well with these home styles, and are often found in combination sets with picture windows above or below them.

Bay and bow windows also work well with traditional homes, as they add visual interest to the exterior of the home and expand the living space by a small amount. These window styles are characterized by three or more glass panes, and can include features such as decorative molding or window seats.

Craftsman & Bungalow

Craftsman and bungalow styles feature a variety of window options. Double-hung windows with stained wood interiors are a common choice for craftsman homes, but casement and awning windows can also be used. These window types are typically vertical in proportion, but grilles can be horizontal if desired.

Bay & bow windows are a good option for craftsman and bungalow homes because they add architectural interest to the home’s exterior and expand living space. They can also be combined with other window styles to create a unique look for any room.

The color of your home’s siding is another important factor to consider when choosing a window style. A residential architect can help you make the right selections to best complement your home’s style. They will guide you through the entire process of building a custom home, from concept development to managing construction and ensuring everything is built according to plan. They can also collaborate with other professionals, including contractors and builders in Huntsville to bring your home vision to life.